the world mourns for MH370…

by fatmax

it has been more than 2 weeks since it was first reported missing. during this period, every single person who are aware of this incident couldn’t avoid asking the typical questions “what actually happened?”, “where is it now?”, “how can we find it?”, “who is responsible for this tragedy?”, and many more.

unfortunately, in trying to answer some these questions and at the same time, attempting to comprehend the complexity of the issue, we forgot that there is so much question can be asked and there will always be limitation to what we can comprehend about this issue since very little information is available for many of us to absorb and understand. nevertheless, as curiosity continues to grow, lets not allow it to overshadow our rational and divert us from looking straight into the matter. it is important that we must now and continue to be able to separate between what is factual about the incident and what is not.

it will be wrong for me to say that i understand the feeling of the people who are at risk losing their family members who were on board of MH370, yet, i would like to share my sympathy to with them. lets continue praying for the best result and not abandon our hope in finding the truth of the incident.

my hope and prayers are with those who are directly affected by the incident. may God be with you and grant you the unexceptional strength during this difficult time.

– fatmax